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Our mission is to provide support services that are culturally competent and sensitive to meet the needs of victims, who have been impacted by domestic violence. All support services are bi-lingual/bi-cultural, provided in a confidential location, flexible time to meet the needs of women, and free of charge. Supportive Care is also committed to countering the effects of trauma and breaking the cycles of violence and abuse—one family at a time.


Our vision is for victims of Domestic Violence to visualize themselves no longer as victims, but victors who in all their glory stand on their own two feet. The term victim has subtle negative undertones of someone who is weak, passive, submissive, and to some extent not in control of their lives. If these same women were referred to as victors of domestic violence how empowering, uplifting, and encouraging would that be. For it has been the experience of Supportive Care that the women, who walk through our doors are not hopeless, but yet angry at life. However, still hopeful that maybe there is a way to make their lives better and finally happy. Due to their living situations where they are constantly bombarded with violence on so many different levels, surrounded by poverty, crime drugs, and no opportunities. What is to be expected of them? How can they be hopeful or how can they see that light at the so-called end of the tunnel? At Supportive Care our vision is for these victorious women to see themselves as deserving of respect.

The Staff at Supportive Care hopes to be the shimmer of light at the beginning of the tunnel.






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